Success Stories

“Jessica’s restorative yoga classes have become a central part of my self-care. Her
teaching style resonates with me because it strikes a perfect balance between information
and support. She offers helpful cues and modifications in gentle ways that deepen
my own practice, rather than distract from it. She has a keen awareness of how the
body is affected by various life stressors, and an extensive knowledge of restorative
postures that tap into and release such stressors in truly decadent ways. Above all,
Jessica maintains a relaxing and safe environment that I’ve rarely experienced elsewhere.
I have learned a great deal from her about how to acknowledge and work
through my own anxiety without judgment on my mat. To all my Toronto-area friends:
you totally deserve a restorative session with Jessica.” Lauren, Toronto



“I have been attending Jessica’s restorative class for the past year. I really enjoy the
class and leave feeling calm, de-stressed, and both mentally and physically relaxed. I
would strongly recommend her restorative class to anyone who is stressed out, feeling
rushed, and looking for deep mental and physical relaxation. Jessica is a wonderful
teacher. What I am most impressed with is how she takes the time with each participant
to ensure we are in the pose correctly and comfortably so we are getting the most benefit
out of it.” Sam, Toronto
“As a teacher, Jessica is warm, welcoming, and amazingly in tune with the room and
every student. With the most subtle of adjustments, Jess helps me achieve a feeling of
total alignment and rest – of both mind and body. I sleep better after every class, and
have learned techniques to help combat sleeplessness and anxiety.” Caroline, Toronto
“Jessica’s series is a great introduction to a range of techniques to help with the symptoms
of anxiety and depression. These tools (such as the coherent breathing practice)
have been of great benefit to me already, not just in my yoga practice, but in coping with
the stresses of everyday life. Her unique and extensive experience, coupled with her
incredibly warm and welcoming personality create a safe space for learning important
skills while concurrently tackling the stigma of mental illness. Many thanks, Jess, for
starting me down the road to a calmer mind and healthier spirit.” A.N., Toronto
“Just having finished a class with Jessica Cowan-Dewar, I’m feeling a sense of calm
and peacefulness that’s been pretty difficult to attain lately. I would really recommend
this workshop to help reduce stress and to become more open to appreciating the beauty
of this season. On my post-yoga bike ride home, I felt an awareness of the smell of
lilacs after the rain and the late afternoon sunlight, instead of the usual rush between
class-placement-work & repeat. Definitely recommend this class.” Julie, Toronto
“Restorative yoga has been a truly delightful revelation to me, and a perfect addition to
my health and wellness regime. The carefully and thoughtfully taught poses, which are
held for long periods, help to bring me to a state of true calm. Holding the poses for
longer periods increase blood flow to my muscles and joints in a way that have proven
to be more useful and beneficial than any other stretching regime I have tried on my
own. I feel better, think more clearly, and sleep better after each class. I look forward to
many years of doing restorative yoga.” Andres, Toronto
“Over the past year, I have been consistently impressed with Jessica’s competent and
calm teaching style. Jessica makes every participant, regardless of experience, feel
comfortable in the class, creating a relaxing environment in which to experience the true
benefits of yoga. Jessica’s instruction throughout the class is gentle and affirming, which
has helped build my confidence in my own practice and always leaves me feeling relaxed
and restored.” J.H., Toronto